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Peer Mediation Team News
Posted Jul 03 2020 6:21PM
Our Peacebuilding Community Debuts 

Our Peacebuilding Community Peer Mediation Training logo June 2020.png

Our ACR Houston Peer Mediation Team, in collaboration with the Montgomery County DRC (DRC-MC), debuted its online peer mediation training, Our Peacebuilding Community, on June 22 & 29, 2020. Elaine Roberts, DRC-MC Executive Director, invited the ACR Houston Peer Mediation Team to provide peer mediation training to approximately 20 high school "rising" seniors from the Education for Tomorrow Alliance (EfTA) internship program. Our Peacebuilding Community was designed by Darcy Thompson, Gina Buckley and Kimberly Barahona. The interactive program was presented via the Zoom video conferencing platform. Sheryl Jackson-Matthews, Dr. Diana Pino and Karla West joined Pablo Flower, 2019 EfTA intern graduate, Lois Voth, Glenna Rodgers, and other volunteers from the DRC-MC; who shared important career information or facilitated the role play practices, sharing their experiences, insights and expertise. 

Corinne Coulter, EfTA Program Director, stated that the Our Peacebuilding Community... [Read More]
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Posted Jun 08 2020 12:19PM

Check frequently for updates from the CDC Coronavirus 2019 and trusted news sources as well as your school district/charter school to stay safe and remain informed.  The ACR Houston wishes you all the best as you and your family safely navigate this difficult health crisis.

The Soft Underbelly of Mediating Online
Posted May 14 2020 4:33PM
Lee Jay Berman and Gene Roberts talk about the substance of online mediations to help mediators--the soft underbelly of mediating online.
--How do mediators handle first impressions?
--Emotions in online mediations.
--Can mediators improve their practice through online platforms?
Phishing Email ALERT
Posted Mar 17 2020 3:48PM

Phishing Email Warning *

There are phishing emails being sent that appear to be from a) Marilyn Myers, ACR Houston President, seeking money; b) from our webmaster’s personal email at Thompson Mediations or c) someone else you may know with an unusual request.  Before you open any links, please check the full email “Reply To” address.  If the “Reply To” address is different than the “From” email address, please be suspicious.  Do not click on or open any links in a phishing email.  It may infect your device with a virus or other malicious malware.

Read More]

Join or Renew ACR Houston Membership
Posted Jan 01 2020 1:45PM

Annual Rate: $45

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2. Complete the Membership form and follow the directions to submit payment.

Annual Rate: $45

1. ACCOUNT ACCESS - Go to to login and access your ACR Houston account.
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4. Complete the Membership form and follow the directions to submit payment.

For assistance open the MEMBERSHIP HELP document or send an e-mail to:

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