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Welcome to ACR Houston!

A professional organization dedicated to the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution.

The Association for Conflict Resolution - Houston (ACR Houston) is a 501.c.3 organization dedicated to promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and conflict management, supporting and developing ADR professionals, and educating our community about the many uses and benefits of ADR.

Watch the 2020 highlights of our chapter events and activities in the recap video below.

"Internet Explorer Browser Support Ends"
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Did you know . . .

Internet Explorer browser support ends June 30, 2021

Microsoft is finally retiring Internet Explorer next year, after more than 25 years. The aging web browser has largely been unused by most consumers for years, but Microsoft is putting the final nail in the Internet Explorer coffin on June 15th, 2022, by retiring it in favor of Microsoft Edge. “We are announcing that the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge,” says Sean Lyndersay, a Microsoft Edge program manager. “The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired and go out of support on June 15, 2022, for certain versions of Windows 10.”
While the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) of Windows 10 will still include Internet Explorer next year, all consumer versions will end support of the browser. Microsoft doesn’t make... [Read More]

"ACR Houston Peer Mediation Program Donation"
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 ACR Houston Peer Mediation Team logo 2020 website.png

The ACR Houston Peer Mediation Program is dedicated to working with schools to create the peacemakers of the future. Your donation will make a difference by supporting our mission to foster the practice and understanding of peaceful conflict resolution at all ages. Donations in any amount are appreciated.

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"Conflict Resolution & Peer Mediation Training"
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Our Peacebuilding Community

Our Peacebuilding Community Peer Mediation Training logo June 2020.png

Our ACR Houston Peer Mediation Team offers online conflict resolution and peer mediation training, Our Peacebuilding Community, for elementary, middle and high school students. The interactive programs are presented via the Zoom video conferencing platform.

Let us help build your peaceful community!

"Join an ACR Houston Committee"
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ACR Houston Members w Guest Committee recruit.png ACR Houston is seeking members who would like to serve on one of our 6 committees, listed below. Email us at, and let us know which committee you plan to join.

ACR Houston Committees and Chairpersons:
  • Program & Events – Diana Pino
  • Membership – Jim Hughes
  • Website & Social Media – Darcy Thompson
  • Peer Mediation Team – Darcy Thompson
  • Diversity & Equity – Sheryl Jackson-Matthews and Marilyn Myers
  • Scholarship – Patricia Bastine
This is a great opportunity to become more engaged with the organization. In addition, this is a fantastic way to show the value and commitment you bring to the organization and to stand out as a possible future candidate for the board of directors. It is important to... [Read More]

"Join or Renew ACR Houston Membership"
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Annual Rate: $45

1. Click on NEW MEMBER - JOIN.
2. Complete the Membership form and follow the directions to submit payment.

Annual Rate: $45

1. ACCOUNT ACCESS - Go to to login and access your ACR Houston account.
2. Go to Membership button on the purple menu bar.
4. Complete the Membership form and follow the directions to submit payment.

For assistance open the MEMBERSHIP HELP document or send an e-mail to: Read More]

"Phishing Email ALERT"
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Phishing Email Warning *

There are phishing emails being sent that appear to be from a) Marilyn Myers, ACR Houston President, seeking money; b) from our webmaster’s personal email at Thompson Mediations or c) someone else you may know with an unusual request.  Before you open any links, please check the full email “Reply To” address.  If the “Reply To” address is different than the “From” email address, please be suspicious.  Do not click on or open any links in a phishing email.  It may infect your device with a virus or other malicious... [Read More]

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Find a Conflict Resolution Professional

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
June 25, 2021 - Friday
Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable: TMTR

June 25, 2021 at 1 pm

Tony Belak, JD - TMTR.png  John-Robert Curtin, Ph.D. - TMTR.png
Tony Belak, JD              J-R Curtin, Ph.D.
This workshop will present information, activities, and examples from several interconnected areas that should be useful to mediation trainers and practitioners. 
The workshop will also focus on understanding and correcting workplace incivility, including bullying, harassment, and other negative behaviors.

The techniques include identifying and correcting bullying and other negative behaviors, preventing burnout in natural trust leaders, behavioral transition techniques for positive growth, and restorative practices in alternative dispute resolution.  The workshop begins with the recognition that parties involved in conflict are in distress due to the fact that “we are all recovering from something.”

 $75 ACRH Members - Special discount rate
$125 Non-members (regular price)

Click to Register
June 25, 2021 - Friday
Alzheimer's Association Latinx Community Forum

Alzheimer's Association logo.png

Alzheimer’s Association for a Virtual Community Forum - June 2021.png

Register at

Find Out More...

July 13, 2021 - Tuesday
Special Lecture Series - Workplace Conflict Collisions
- Zoom
Special Lecture Series - Workplace Conflict Collisions

Jerry Cooper  (ACR H 2021).png
Jerry Cooper

Save the Date
Tuesday, July 13th, at 7 pm
Conflicts occur every day in the workplace, and about 95% of these are clearly visible and are resolved organically in real time. About 5% aren’t resolved because most people don’t see them. Here in Houston, we’ve trained to pay attention to weather reports about low pressure areas forming in the south Mid-Atlantic because we know this is where hurricanes are born, and as a hurricane comes closer we see large flocks of birds flying away from its path.

These hidden conflicts also provide indicators and signs that give ample warning, if you know what to look for. Want to know more? Please join me on July 13th, at 7 pm via Zoom.