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April 06, 2020 - Monday
ADL - Plagues, Marginalization, and Fear: Yesterday and Today

Anti-Defamation League logo.png               Plagues, Marginalization, and Fear: Yesterday and Today

With Passover just around the corner and its stories of the exodus from Egypt, we remember many times in history when a plague has been blamed on the least powerful among us.  The anti-Asian COVID-19 tropes, not to mention the age-old blame on the Jews, are just the most recent examples of this unfortunate human pastime. 

Please join us via Zoom to hear from a diverse panel on the history, theology, and causes of both past and current episodes of this kind of marginalization.  ADL's Associate Director of the Center on Extremism Aryeh Tuchman, will speak about the rise in Anti-Asian and antisemitic tropes, while three religious leaders from the community will speak from their moral and spiritual traditions, on why we need to work to refrain from marginalizing others.

Monday, April 6
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Central Time
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April 16, 2020 - Thursday
Natalie J. Armstrong-Motin: How To Make Money Mediating

Houston, TX

"How To Make Money Mediating"

Natalie J. Armstrong-Motin (ACR Houston 2020).png

Natalie J. Armstrong-Motin
Marketing Resolution

Mrs. Armstrong-Motin is the author of “The Essential Guide to Marketing Your ADR Practice”. She is frequently invited to speak around the globe on the successful marketing strategies of the resolution and legal industry. As a personal consultant to many of the premier providers in the ADR industry, her company, Marketing Resolution, has designed and developed hundreds of campaigns for private practices, firms, educational institutions, authors, organizations and associations around the world.

Mrs. Armstrong-Motin has received certificates in both Mediation and Arbitration from the Institute of Conflict Management and International Mediation from both Tulane University School of Law and Humboldt University School of Law in Berlin Germany. She has received nearly 150 hours in training in numerous national and international mediation, arbitration and communication courses. Mrs. Armstrong-Motin’s professional education background is in conflict resolution, sociology and criminal psychology.

She was Vice President of the Southern California Mediation Association and Chair of the Membership Committee, a member of the Board of the London Club. Mrs. Armstrong-Motin has served on the Board of the California Dispute Resolution Council. For the American Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section she served as Vice-Chair of Practice Development Committee and as the Co-Chair of the Standing Committee for Practice, Business and Skills Development.

Thursday, April 16, 2020
12 noon
Zoom meeting code pending

May 15-16, 2020; Friday - Saturday
Manousso Elder and Adult Care Mediation Training 2020

Elder and Adult Care Mediation Training

Houston’s Uptown-Galleria

Friday, May 15th and Saturday, May 16th, 2020,  from 8:30 AM until 7:00 PM
This is a terrific mediation model when divorce and child custody aren't your favorite clients, or if you like to help families. Lots of this work is done online, as well as in person.

See additional information here or at or email us at