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Responding to School Trauma & Tragedies
Posted May 29 2022 6:57PM
The ACR Houston family remembers the 19 children and 2 teachers lives lost, many injured, and community devastated by the mass school shooting tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. It follows so closely after the TOPS grocery store massacre in Buffalo, NY and the Geneva Presbyterian Church shooting in Laguna Woods, CA. During these most difficult times, it is important to talk to our children and loved ones. The Creative Conflict Resolution (CRC) organization offers "Tools to Support Children After Traumatic Events like Buffalo & Uvalde". Please read CRC's message below. 

"In the wake of the recent shootings, we, at CRC, are heartbroken by the senseless loss of lives. We offer our grief and sympathy to the families and communities shattered by these tragic events. More than ever, we need to ensure young people feel connected to their peers and the adults in their lives. These times call for us to widen the reach of each community's embrace and pull back in those who seem to be slipping farther from our schools and our families. We need to find ways to encircle those showing signs of alienation and affirm them while helping them find language and solutions for the ways they struggle.
We at CRC redouble our commitment to make schools safer places where students want to be. Our aim is to support schools in becoming inclusive spaces of community and belonging, where everyone feels welcome. We will continue to work with educators and young people to co-create compassionate learning environments with an ethos of racial justice, where differences are embraced and understood as assets, where restorative practices enable growth, repair, and healing. We believe deeply in the possibility of change, if young people are given the right tools. With greater emphasis on social emotional learning, conflict resolution, bullying intervention and prevention, communication, mediation, we can build safer communities.

Click HERE to read the full message and for some resources you might find useful.

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