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August 17, 2019 - Saturday
Annual Summer Social 2019

Fajitas & Ritas Annual Summer Social

Guest Speaker
   Wayne Fisher
Fisher, Boyd, Johnson & Huguenard, LLP

“The Heirs of Howard Hughes”
Howard Hughes, Jr. (1905–1976), aviator, film producer, and manufacturer, died a multibillionaire.  Unmarried and childless, Hughes left no clear heir.  Hughes' death set off a stampede for his fortune of more than $2 billion, with over 200 lawyers representing various parties asserting a claim.  Because there was no formal mediation at this time, the matter proceeded to trial.

Wayne Fisher represented the stepchildren of Rupert Hughes, Howard Hughes’ uncle.  Wayne describes the personalities involved, the various wills proffered, and the machinations and sometimes bizarre happenings during the seven month trial.

Special Cameo by Erica Babino
Erica Babino, a professional mediator, coach, author and speaker, is the owner of Speak in Green Consulting. Her focus and passion is providing tools for children to adults to manage conflict from the inside out.

Come and bring a friend for dinner and margaritas. Enjoy the presentation. Then relax and enjoy getting to know your colleagues in the field.

Saturday, August 17, 2019
Dinner - 5:30 PM 
Program - 6:30 to 8:30 PM

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$18 each for ACRH members and their guest
$25 for non-ACRH attendees and their guest

21 Briar Hollow Lane
Houston, TX 77027

September 18-21, 2019; Wednesday - Saturday
ACR Annual Conference 2019

It Is Time To Register For The Conference For All Conflict Resolution Practitioners: Join us this fall in Tucson, Arizona for ACR's 19th Annual Conference, where we will explore our shared theme — Heal the Divide: A Focus on the Role of ADR Practitioners in a Divided Society.
Registration is available on ACR’s website at

September 19, 2019 - Thursday
ACR: Soul of Mediation Contest

Becky Bartness, President of ACR, has invited all ACR members and folks outside the ACR community to submit an original description of mediation in a statement of forty words or less. Becky’s suggestion is to focus on the tenets and soul common to all mediation practices and approaches. So far we have received several amazing entries. We want more… The winner of the contest will receive a prize of one hundred dollars.